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Green Septic Systems

southern aerobic systems

Individual Home Waste Water Treatment Plant

Same cost as an inefficient septic tank
The Southern Aerobic System  is the most advanced home wastewater treatment plant on the market.
Our highly efficient miniature municipal sewage treatment plant is a compact lightweight, sturdy fiberglass unit, constructed and designed to last many years, trouble-free with proper maintenance.
The Southern Aerobic System Model SM500 has been tested by Baylor University for 500 G.P.D. with outstanding results conducted over a six month, in-depth extensive testing procedure of the national Sanitation Foundation Standard 40 for home wastewater treatment systems. The Model SM500 meets or exceeds all of the NSF Standard 40 requirements of the highest rating, and has been designated a Class I system by Baylor University.
The Southern Aerobic System treatment process incorporates two separate compartments, each performing a specific duty in the digestion process. Raw wastewater enters the aeration compartment and is mixed with air brought in by the aerator, an efficient air pump. This is distributed by four porous air diffusers. These diffusers are located near the bottom along the outer perimeter of the aeration compartment. The diffusers create thousands of tiny bubbles that supply oxygen for the aerobic digestion process. As these bubbles move upward through the wastewater and mix the compartment's entire contents, these tiny bubbles increase air to liquid contact that speeds up the aerobic digestion process. Aerobic bacteria need the oxygen to live and digest suspended solids in the water. This converts the wastewater to a clear odorless liquid.
Hydraulic displacement induces the mixed liquor to enter the second compartment through the opening at the bottom of the cone-shaped clarification compartment. Conditions are calm inside the sloping walls of the clarifier. This allows any remaining settleable solids to return to the aeration compartment for further treatment. The remaining effluent enters the outlet tee as a clear odorless liquid.
With the Southern Aerobic System, a high degree of treatment is accomplished, and the clear water discharged is allowed by some state and local regulatory agencies to be discharged directly to a stream or pond, or used to surface irrigate lawns and pastures. In areas where above-ground discharges are not allowed, the clear water can be used in conventional subsurface absorption systems. The life of the trenches or beds are prolonged, and potential for pollution is minimized substantially.
The Southern Aerobic System Model SM500 has one of the largest gallon capacities of the 500 G.P.D. Class I unit on the market. The SM500 also has more air diffusers than any other system on the market. The combination of these two vital elements prevents the SM500 from being overloaded during occasions such as holidays or weekend gatherings when more people may be using the facilities. At no extra cost to our valued customers, the Southern Manufacturing Co. has designed this unit to give you more for your money. Operating cost is minimized due to the air pump's efficient design which uses very little electricity. The SM500 does not require that the inorganic solids be pumped as often as other systems on the market, thus also lowering operating costs. Considering these features, the Southern Aerobic System has significant advantages over other systems.

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